Only Platforms with a Web Browser will work with Netflix


Netflix has been doing a good job trying to block those services that allow cross-border access. Their work is so good that we are only able to unblock on web browser platforms (AKA Windows, Linux, OS X and even Chromebook). Using all other platforms it is not possible right now. We will explain here our research, maybe someone could help.

We have tried this in a Playstation 4 and an Android 4 devices with the latest updates.

GeoPeer builds its infrastructure using Open Source Software


We are committed to openness, that's why GeoPeer bases all its infrastructure using open source. Not only on the backend but in the frontend as well.

Here it is a short list of our main players (list may change):

An excellent DNS server with an architecture that allows us to control DNS records.
VPN server to allow connectivity and pass traffic. No need to say more.
The way you deal proxying things.
Database support. Here we hold all real-time information.
The speed-up cache that allows us to be as fast as we can.
Best CMS ever!
GeoPeer Proxy plugin for PowerDNS
The DNS helper we have written to make magic possible.
A PAM plugin that allows us to authenticate all users against a common MariaDB database.

Of course, there are many others. And we thank all people involved to make this project possible.

Fast tweet from CIPPIC may think VPN/DNS use is OK


For those who don't know, CIPPIC (AKA Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic) is a law and technology clinic based at the Centre for Law, Technology & Society at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law in Canada. CIPPIC’s mandate is to advocate in the public interest on diverse issues arising at the intersection of law and technology. In pursuit of its public mandate, CIPPIC regularly provides expert testimony before Canadian parliamentary committees, participates in the regulatory activities of various Canadian quasi-judicial bodies such as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, appears at all levels of Canada’s judicial system, and participates in various international Internet governance fora.

So, they are full of experts on IT and legislative subjects. Their opinion counts.

This is not an official answer, but this week we tweeted them asking about if there were any kind of legal issues about using proxies and DNS'es to bypass border restrictions. Their answer seems to be that there are not issues, however, please note this is not an official answer; it is just a quick twitter question.

Please let us know of other organisms in other countries to ask them the same question.

Linux support is almost done!

Well! It has been a long week, and we are almost done for the Linux platform. Currently, when you install the scripts and connect to the peer service, they will do the following:

  1. Download latest SNIProxy configuration file definition. Definitions may change as we get suggestions and reviews.
  2. Backup up your current nameservers
  3. Install the current DNS servers

When you disconnect:

  1. Restore your previews DNS servers

Please remember in order to make this a great system, everybody needs to take and share. We are about to start asking for beta testers.

Good luck!

Experimental DNS

This weekend is very important. We are going to do our final closed test, and if all goes for good we are going to start sending invitations to people and open for public beta testing. So, be ready!

We have set up an experimental smart DNS, which IP is: You can start registering and try it, but don't expect too much.

Stay tuned, here we come!