For Linux, this project uses two programs:

  • SNIProxy
  • OpenVPN

Please be sure you have them installed and know where they are. If you are using RPM or DEB packages they should be under the /usr/bin/ directory. If your distribution does not provide that, you may be able to download the source and compile manually; usually, binaries will be under the /usr/local/bin directory.

Do the following steps:

  1. Create a directory where you going to save configuration files, for example, mkdir ~/geopeer
  2. Go into that directory, for example, cd ~/geopeer
  3. Get the installer file, type wget
  4. Execute the installer, type sh ./ linux

You will have all configuration files. You can connect to the GeoPeer by typing openvpn --config geopeer-client.conf. Remember you must be root (or enough privileges) before calling OpenVPN. After that, you will need to select one of the current zones available thanks to the great people like you who share and give geolocalizaiton.


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