• What is GeoPeer?

    What is GeoPeer?

    GeoPeer is a revamped geolocalization service for everyone. It allows you to access contents restricted on your country. It is public community driven, and it is free! Read More
  • Why to use Geo Peer?

    Why to use Geo Peer?

    We truly believe that the Internet has no nation, and its content shouldn't either. Geo Peer project allows you to lend from your computer and to borrow geolocalization from others users; give and get it is our ideology. Read More
  • How does GeoPeer work?

    How does GeoPeer work?

    GeoPeer was born inspired on a headless, fault tolerance and distribute architecture. The ideology of decentralized info was taken borrowed from a peer-to-peer system. With that on the mind, all end-points are VPN terminals able to share geolocalization. You give your geolocalization and you get borrowed others'. Read More
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No! We won't bill anything for using this community service. However, you are welcome if you want to do any donation to support servers.

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