Hi World!

We are very exciting to start this new project. But first, let me explain what is happening here. Since January 1st, 2016, one of the biggest leaders of the streaming industry changed its position against DNS and proxies. Yes! we are talking about Netflix. Netflix is not the first one (Hulu has been doing that for years) but Netflix is the biggest one. If you are using a paid or free service to switch zones, you will eventually see a warning of Netflix telling you are behind a proxy. This means, Netflix has found the server and flagged as a proxy.

Don't cry, here it is the solution!

GeoPeer community project allows you to use other's geolocalization and to share yours. This way everyone wins.

Currently, we are on a closed testing and we are going to do a call for beta testers. We are going to start with Linux as it is the easiest operative system to configure.

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